School Motto Inscribed
by Premier Wen Jiabao
The Badge of Beijing
Bailie University

School Motto Inscribed by Premier Wen Jiabao

    In April 12th, 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao inscribed the university motto ‘Hands and mind, create and analyze’ formulated by two great friends of China, Rewi Alley from New Zealand, and George Hogg from Britain who established the Bailie Technical School in Shandan, Gansu Province in early 1940s. Premier Wen also wrote a letter in reply to our students in which he affirmed the success made by the Beijing Bailie University and hoped it would continue progressing. He encouraged all students to study hard to become knowledgeable, skillful, thoughtful, practical, analytical and creative talents with an all round development in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor education and training, virtually pointing out the way forward for our university.

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