School Motto Inscribed
by Premier Wen Jiabao
The Badge of Beijing
Bailie University


    Founded in May, 1983, the Beijing Bailie University is one of the earliest non-governmental institutions of higher education officially approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, and documented by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is a full-time vocational college for various professional training, qualified to issue independently diplomas and certificates which are recognized by the state. There are currently more than 7,000 students in total.

    The name of the Beijing Bailie University came from a proposal of Rewi Alley who devoted to promote the educational thought of integrating study with practice initiated by an old American educator Joseph Bailie in China. Alley and his close friend Dr. George Hatem were the first two honorary presidents of the university. They hoped that the traditional spirit of the old Shandan Bailie School created in wartime would be passed on in China from generation to generation.

    Following Rewi Alley’s aim to ‘train for the dawn’ of New China, the university adopted the old Shandan school motto of ‘Hands and mind, create and analyze’ as the our university motto too . Through the past 20 years and more, we have formulated the guiding principles of governing the university by making use of all social resources, running it as a civilian institution, serving the ordinary people’s interest first, and applying democratic governance in all work ”. The university has played a significant role in practicing and exploring China’s structural reform of higher education, being acknowledged one of the influential non-governmental universities in Beijing or even in the country. Up to this year, we have trained more than 20,000 qualified graduates with various high technical skills. Their talents have been warmly acknowledged by the community and won praises and awards on the governmental level for many times.

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